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"Stop bitching and complaining about illegal tube sites. It's time to DO something about it AND profit from it!" – Mrfrisky at

With the adult webmasters in mind, we've created AVS Adult! The first and only professional adult tube submitter!

With a new completely rewritten submission engine, AVS Adult is more powerfull, faster and accurate! Our constantly growing database contains well over 350 adult tube sites ready to submit too!

Now with VPS submission support, AVS Adult is available in three different versions! [ More details ] adult video submitter

"Viral video is taking over the Internet, make sure you don't miss out on potential customers just because you don't have a presence." - Boost your sites traffic and sales now!

For mainstream producers, advertisers and uploaders we have created AVS Tubes. AVS Tubes is the first and only professional automatic tube uploader available on the market!

With a daily growing database containing more than 350 tube sites, your videos will be available within minutes to millions of viewers! AVS Tubes will be released on 15th October 2011. Click here to register now for your FREE copy of AVS Tubes!

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We are happy to announce that we have launched a premium upload service for the professional uploaders! AVS Premium is available for both AVS Adult & AVS Tubes.

Upload your videos to hundreds of tube sites using our own server and bandwith! Upload your video once and AVS Premium will take care of the rest!

With an AVS Premium license, you'll be able to simultaneously upload videos from you premium account, your VPS and from your computer!

Find out more about AVS Premium, choose a plan and start uploading now through our high speed network! Click here to find out more information!

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AVS Submission Manager - Keep Track Of Your Submissions! Whenever you are a sponsor and want to your affiliate submissions, or you are a webmaster travelling a lot, with AVS SMM you can manage all your active or scheduled submissions.

Pause/resume submission, delete sessions, re-submit etc. AVS SMM provides you with all the informations (video titles, video descriptions, video tags, video thumbs, status and progress of submission etc) you'll need to know about your current or scheduled uploads.

AVS SMM is available for FREE bundled in AVS Adult & Tubes! Coming soon for iPhone & Android!

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AVS Adult (v3.0) is the first and only professional adult tube submitter, created by experienced adult webmasters for adult webmasters. AVS Adult was custom developed and tailored, to suit the needs of the professional adult webmaster, to quickly create accounts and upload videos to more than 350+ adult tube sites! [ Click Here For More Details ]


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Are you a mainstream advertiser, webmaster or uploader? Do you upload your viral videos to video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe? If the answer to the above is YES then AVS Tubes is the product your are looking for! Create accounts and share your videos on over 350+ video sites in a couple of minutes! [ Click Here For More Details ]


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AVS Premium - Is a brand new premium service introduced by Advanced Video Submitter for both AVS Adult & AVS Tubes. You can now quickly upload your videos to hundreds of tube sites, using our high speed video upload service! Focus on your business, upload the video to our servers once, and we'll do the rest! [ Click Here For More Details ]


Advanced Video Submitter or AVS (v3.0) is a professional video upload software / tube submitter available in two separate versions AVS Adult and AVS Tubes, for both adult & mainstream webmasters, affiliates and producers! Advanced Video Submitter is a powerfull and indispensable tube uploader for every serious webmaster. Upload your videos within minutes to hundreds of video sharing websites!

Whenever you're an adult or mainstream webmaster, uploading videos to adult or mainstream video sharing sites, Advanced Video Submitter is the product you'll need to help upload your viral videos to hundreds of tube sites in the matter of minutes*. Both of our products AVS Adult and AVS Tubes have a fast, powerful and accurate submission engine, an automatic website account generator with automatic captcha decoding and a powerful built-in FREE e-mail confirmer! [ Click To Read More / Hide ]


What is a Viral Video? A viral video is a short video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email , instant messaging, blogs, social networks, tube upload and other media sharing websites.

Internet marketing nowadays is about viral video marketing and any internet marketing professional cannot deny that fact. Whether you are an Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, or you own an online business, using videos to promote your business / website is a great step towards success.

Ignoring video marketing strategy is the same as deliberately ignoring a huge amount of possible profit. It is possible to let your business grow further and increase awareness through this type of marketing strategy.

If you do not want to be left behind and you want your business to stand out, then you should consider doing viral video marketing as your strategy in promoting your business. You can be ahead of your competition, express your message to your potential customers, and increase your sales as well as your income to the level that you want through this type of advertising strategy.

Aside from that, the video clips that you are submitting are also helping your website to increase its page rank on the top search engines because these videos, along with the keywords that you have tagged are seen by search engines.  [ Click To Read More / Hide ]


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Your traffic is dropping?!? Your sales went down? Maybe it's time to change your marketing techniques! Viral videos and tube sites are taking over the web! Go viral now, using our viral marketing software Advanced Video Submitter. It has been proven time and time again that video marketing on the web can dramatically increase conversions, and in some cases up to 300%! If your not using video now your leaving a lot of cash on the table! Start uploading now!

Are You Advertising USING Online Videos?

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It's no secret that online video is truly coming into its own, in terms of viewership. There's no reason why your business can't capitalize on this. Video is one of the top forms of viral marketing on the web, and viral marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing period.

If you haven't noticed yet, online video is becoming quite popular, and it stands to reason that opportunities for video advertising are increasing right along with that popularity.

Sure, ads in online videos aren't nearly as popular as the videos themselves. Actually, they tend to annoy users who just want to watch a TV show or whatever. It's really not that different than television, except that ad time in online video tends to be much shorter, so the ads don't drive users away. Ads are how many online video providers monetize their sites though, and they are going to have ads regardless, so they might as well be your ads. Why miss out on this great FREE money making opportunity? [ Click To Read More / Hide ]

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